Trudeau Senses The Massive Public opposition And Quickly Moves To Close The Canadian Taxpayer Cash Box Against The Ever-Grifting Markles…?


Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s Canada Move Could Cost Taxpayers $1.3M Per Year In Security Expenses

Canada will pick up the pricey security tab for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex during their stays in the Great White North, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reportedly “privately assured” the queen.

Trudeau pledged to Queen Elizabeth II that Canada would foot the $1.3 million annual bill to ensure the safety of Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and their toddler son, Archie, would not be compromised, the U.K.’s Evening Standard reported Monday.

The news broke around the same time the matriarchal monarch met with her 35-year-old grandson, as well as his father and his brother, Prince William. She later announced she had agreed to grant the couple permission for a more independent life, including their wish to move part-time to Canada.

But their hope to travel and live outside the U.K. will entail heavier security and protection resources, the report states, noting the public’s criticism of the royal family’s costly security expectations…


Justin Trudeau ‘Isn’t Entirely Sure’ Who Will Cover Meghan, Harry’s Security Costs
Carly Ledbetter,HuffPost•January 15, 2020

As Meghan Markle and Prince Harry ease into a “period of transition” in which they’ll be splitting time between the U.K. and Canada, one issue remains to be resolved: security costs.

After the queen confirmed Monday that she is “entirely supportive” of the Sussexes’ settling down in Canada, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau discussed whether Canadians will pick up the bill for the duke and duchess and their security detail.

“There are still a lot of decisions to be taken by the Royal Family, by the Sussexes themselves as to what level of engagement they choose to have,” Trudeau said Monday, as reported by Canada’s Global News. “We are obviously supportive of their reflections but have responsibilities in that as well.”

Now that the queen has agreed that the Sussexes will stay in Canada and the U.K., Trudeau said, the Canadian government is entering conversations with the royals. He said he is “not entirely sure what the final decisions will be.”

A report from the Evening Standard published Monday claimed that Trudeau “privately assured” the queen that Canadians will pick up half of the reported $1.3 million needed for security for Meghan and Harry.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced last Wednesday that they will be stepping back as senior members of the royal family, working toward financial independence and setting up a home across the pond.

Following the news, Meghan returned to Canada, where the couple’s son Archie was reportedly staying with a friend, Jessica Mulroney.

Harry and Meghan spent their six-week sabbatical away from royal duties in Canada just before making their unprecedented announcement. After a spokesperson for the couple confirmed that they were residing in Canada for their break, Trudeau tweeted out a sweet, simple message.

“Prince Harry, Meghan, and Archie, we’re all wishing you a quiet and blessed stay in Canada,” he tweeted at the time. “You’re among friends, and always welcome here.”…


3 Comments on “Trudeau Senses The Massive Public opposition And Quickly Moves To Close The Canadian Taxpayer Cash Box Against The Ever-Grifting Markles…?”

  1. Good grief , pass me the sick bucket !

    The last paragraph , Trudeau’s sychophantic nauseating remark typifies how the global elite work , it’s just a big (exclusive ) club .
    In other words” everybody is equal , except those who are more equal than others”

    If you look logically and objectively at the Harkles this is what they really are : Both in effect unemployed , living off state benefits , refusing to declare their income , refusing to declare assets , yet still wanting to claim their benefits and expecting the people of not one but two countries to pay them (with their very hard earned taxes) to live in luxury , and be honoured and greatful to do so .and to feel sympathetic to their terrible circumstances and understand how being fabulously wealthy is just so damned hard and mentally draining .
    The Sussexes are representative of a society gone wrong and are the poster “people” for selfishness and self absorption.

    Now imagine anyone else , (which is you and me ) not belonging to this exclusive “club ” , turning up on Canada’s doorstep , with no money ,no job , and asking to be supported by the people of Canada .
    Would we receive a “heroes ” welcome ? Hardly , all we would receive is a swift kick up the arse and a “do not pass go , do not collect 200 and go directly to jail ” card

    This constant reporting of these people really has to stop at some point , Living vicariously through the so called global elite is deeply unhealthy and disturbing . Time to understand that whilst the majority of the worlds population have a mostly chaotic and often difficult existence , individually and collectively we do in fact have rich and extraordinary lives with wonderful stories to tell we are for the most part amazing ! The , truth is they (the global elite) don’t know you and I exist, they don’t care , we are just the useless eaters to them , a necessary evil, a source of tax revenue , human resources and source of constant adulation and awe The truth is the so called 1% and cannot survive without us, the remaining 99%

    Drop the pyramid , wake up to your enslavement!

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