Anon said: Federal watchdog issues report finding Trump admin broke the law

Federal watchdog issues report finding Trump admin broke law by withholding Ukraine aid —— I don’t care if he “broke” the law by trying to find out about one of the most corrupt gas companies in the Eastern Europe and its ties with our wonderful Democrats. Will Hunter Biden explain how he made millions without specific job skills, living in the US full time, and speaking zero Ukrainian? I guess if my dad was Joe Biden, I could have done that too? Right? The same goes to Paul Pelosi and others
He did not break the law, he is the president of the United States, and he is obligated to seek out corruption given the state of Ukraine.  This is taxpayer money and a lot of it. He gave them Javelins, and Obummer gave them blankets.
Yep, your damn right about that! All of the Dems have got a lot of explaining to do with Ukraine. We all saw the Wizard of Oz bragging about how he got the prosecutor fired. Those goofy bastards say it’s not about Biden? What! The American people have eyes and ears. 
Hunter admits that they probably wouldn’t have hired him if his name wasn’t Biden.
Not to worry, Barr and Durham are on that money laundering trial. 
Thank you anon, JD 🥰


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