Anon Said: Harry & Meghan

Harry isn’t going to be happy in the long run. She has isolated him from friends and family, but it will be worse as she surrounds herself with celebrities and people she wants in Canada and the States.

Let’s face it, we know she doesn’t love him and feigned interest in his ideas; he probably bores her to no end. Increasingly, he will be left on the outskirts of her busy social life because she won’t have to pretend anymore.

Their HRH-less novelty will wear off, and no one is going to be interested in them for long over here anyway Sparkles has overestimated her adoration no matter how many media bots try to boost her popularity. Her past is also gloves off, watch the stories roll in.


Meghan Markle did all that, and this is end-stage NARC, she can really do a number on him in privacy. He’ll be returned a former shell of himself. We all know that. 

 Meghan wanted the Duchess title anyway; I’m sure she’ll abuse everything that has been given to her. Harry will be the nanny, and she’ll wear the pants, and he’ll say, yes, my Duchess, can I pee now? 

When they get Harry back is when the stories should start to flow.  I will check out the National Enquire often. 

Don’t click on anything, unfollow them on IG, Twitter and Facebook. Don’t buy anything and don’t watch their documentaries. Send the silent message to them. 

Thank you anon, 🥰



7 Comments on “Anon Said: Harry & Meghan”

  1. Yep, starve them of the one thing she craves – publicity. I don’t ‘follow’ them on any social media, haven’t & won’t click on the website. I never watched their engagement interview nor their wedding.

  2. I didnt either 😁 Stop giving the oxygen they need to exist . The reality is they need you more than you need them . There are certain blogs that exist entirely because of this couple of grifting liggers . ,what would they do without these people ? Its an industry and the Harkles and their ilk rely on this .
    Who would follow or be interested in their antics if they weren’t who they are ?

    This entire debacle has been good for the RF . It has deflected from their biggest problem which is the deeply disturbing personal associations of both Charles and Andrew . Both Charles and Andrew were dealing with these issues during the Harkles time as Royals . Notice they knew about this months ago ? They didn’t want to “reign” in their bad behaviour because it distracted from both Andrew and Epstein and Charles and Bell
    It’s their continued association with prolific paedophiles that could have brought down the RF , not the Harkles
    The Markles and the RF are very similar in their tactics Deanne
    I see Andrew has been reported as having lunch with both his parents . Beginning of his return to the fold and possible re-entry into public life ?

  3. I agree with this statement! We shall give them 3 more days then we are back to business as usual. We are going to chip away at the foundation of lies.

  4. I’m actually more concrned about and interested in the Trump impeachment debacle than this crapola Deanne. What ever way you look at it its a warning shot over the bows of us , the general population . It really doesn’t matter that I’m a Brit , this is geo politics and affects every single one of us . I feel Trump will be back for another term . Then it gets interesting in so many ways .
    Trump and Johnson are undoubtedly Populist politicians and things could go one of many ways . Historically after a populism resurgence things often go towards totalitarianism.
    There is also Iran …… not over yet . So much to be interested in . We are truly living in historic times !

  5. I started back on Trump and the Patriots if Sarri wants to bring something else she can, she can be the roving royal reporter. I want to stay on point with Trump. We got project Vertias that slices and dices the Bernie Sanders Camp.

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