Anon Said: Thomas Markle the Man who needs validation

Thomas Markle always speaks, like his approval and opinion is so noteworthy. He insulted the monarch back in 2018, and Her Majesty The Queen too. Now commends the monarchy, and chastise’s MM and PH.

I am not an MM fan at all. But, the way this manipulative and creepy guy acts like his children, especially MM requires his validation, approval and his non-existent male and Thomas Markle privilege card just repulses me.

He reminds me of men with this old school and archaic philosophy, that women require a man’s approval or validation to be whole. You mentioned in an earlier post regarding how TM is depended on in a very creepy way by his children, and The Tig is an example of this.

Hadn’t actually considered that… I understand he has health issues. But he strikes me as a man who is inherently sexist and self-entitled. But it’s a toxic cycle of his children worshipping him, yet TM requires attention like a child, while also puffing his chest out like a Victorian patriarch with God-given rights over his children like they’re his property. The toxicity of it all… Yuck!

It’s actually sad really. Because the entire family (Markle side that is so far) is really toxic, abusive and damaged in many ways. While we become responsible as adults, etc. TM really is the creator of his dysfunctional family and children… sadly these cycles can continue for generations to come. There is a lot to be said given his two marriages did not last long, and were not good marriages either. Also, him bringing up the ‘never raise your hand to my daughter’ statement really telling, and rather morbid…

You bring up very valid points, and sniveling comes to mind.  Thomas is again insulting the queen and his own daughter! It’s a sympathetic insult, Walmart and cheapens look at his keywords.

What that did was make people attack the monarchy and repeat those words. He knew exactly what he was doing in his infantile state. The timing was mindblowing! Talk about deplorable.

I found a post on FaceBook back in 2016 from a guy before Meghan came on the scene that said he was a pervert, and Thomas had asked him to have sex with his girlfriend while he watched.  It’s on the blog. There is no motive from this man other than to warn people about his behavior. Since then, I consider him a dirty old man.

Narcissists don’t like to be ignored, and they are vindictive and manipulative, he threw himself back in the game only this time he is receiving sympathy, he is the victim — the wounded father.

Eye-rolling over ‘don’t raise your hand to my daughter’ statement is cringe-worthy.  In public, no less!  It gives me the feeling they are all in it together because we would say, 1 2 3 cue Thomas or Sam after a MM bomb.

Thank you for your opinion, 🥰


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