Canadian Press Joins British Press In Defiantly Circling The Wagons

In Vigorous Defence Of Their Time-Honoured And Necessary Right, As The Essential ‘Fourth Estate’, To Hold The Powerful, Hucksters And The Influential To Account!

Perhaps re-awakened to wrath and heartened by Dan Wooton’s stalwart and spirited defence of British press freedom on last Friday’s appallingly limp-wristed and sychophantic ‘woke’ interview on the CBC’s flagship newscast, ‘The National’, last Friday evening, the Canadian press is once again unmistakably re-asserting it’s own independence – in spite of the major government cash subsidy support which began flowing their way from the previous Liberal government, which many feared might effectively serve to muzzle them!

But in the face of the Duchess Of Grifting’s shameless self-interest, greedy aspirations, apparent determination to suck whatever finanacial support she can from the Canadian taxpayer as well as the Royal Family for the job that she married up for but now finds too ‘constricting’ and ‘toxic’ to do, Canadian press anger is palpable. And it reflects the general disgust and refusal to be taken advantage of by the wider Canadian public.

Having tried – and failed – to Markle the beloved Monarch, the Duchess of Grifting received a steely and expensive regal rebuke from an obviously saddened Queen, who has continuously shown great graciousness and kindness in genuinely welcoming her to the Royal Family.

Now this apparently conniving ‘aristocratic’ huckster is desperately trying to play the victim by whining about ‘racism’ as she nonchalantly flies and drives around Vancouver with a big grin on her reportedly carefully re-modeled face!

That’s certainly ironic, given that the Sovereign generously gave her the opportunity to be a great force for good in the Commonwealth, where Africa has always held a special place in Her Majesty’s heart and affections, and The Grifting Duchess has simply abruptly walked out on it!

She’ll get little leeway or quarter from the Canadian press from now on – who are generally made of sterner stuff that the limp-wristed and compliant CBC’s ‘The National’, which presumes to instruct the Canadian public on what they should think on a nightly basis, coast-to-coast, but which has obviously dropped the journalistic ball in a major way on this one!

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