Anon Said: MM and her people are liars

“According to NBC News, the law firm Schillings Partners said that a paparazzo hid in the bushes and spied on Markle to get the photos, which were taken Monday. And while the former actress has a grin on her face in the published pictures, she did not agree to have her picture taken, deeming it “harassment.” It also said that paparazzi have been camped outside where the couple is staying in Canada (Harry joined his family on Tuesday after finalizing “Megxit” plans) and taking photos with telephoto lenses.”

They didn’t spy on her, she has a deal with them and like the article says she had a grin on her face. Playing victim again so that PH can play hero who rescues her. She did the same thing when PH announced that they’re dating. That the paparazzi harass her in Canada and other nonsense.

😹😹😹😹Thanks Anon!


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