Stop Saying Meghan Markle is dumb and idiot

Meghan Markle isn’t some dumb blonde, and she managed to captivate you for close to three years now.

She is methodical, manipulative, and always five steps ahead. Meghan has plotted this out to play the long game.  So far, she has been very successful at it.

Narcissistic psychopaths know how to play with the prey and his family too. I do blame them as I’ve told them what would happen and it did.  We all thought it would be over soon, but it didn’t.

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We are in final end game times, she just has to get that foundation up and running, and the gravy train begins.  MM’s friends are in on it and cashing in at a price.  Meghan demands unconditional loyalty. If you are no longer needed, you are tossed aside.

Harry & Meg made all these promises that don’t mean squat, she laughing at them, toying with the palace — claiming interview! I guess she wants more money from the Palace to placate her insatiable need for PR.

ME again loves to read about herself, and the more you comment negatively, the more she wants to prove you wrong. That’s part of the NARC; she must be right, adored, loved, and, if not, you’re a racist!  You’re jealous! You want Harry! Dry your salty, bitter tears! His mine, well for now.

I keep saying stop commenting on the Mail, but do you listen, Nope!  The cycle keeps repeating its self. That’s why I stopped blogging about her for months — just posting an article here and there.

I needed to learn why she is here?  To take down the monarchy, of course, and report back to Hillary Clinton.  But most of all for Fame becoming A-lister! Good Luck Hillary, there is no talking to her now.


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