Slimmed-down BRF

Andrew’s in disgrace, Harry and Meghan have fled and Autumn Phillips is out of the picture… but a slimmed-down Royal Family can be stronger without them


One Comment on “Slimmed-down BRF”

  1. How’s about no RF at all ? The House of Windsor has it’s biggest “fan base ” in other countries that don’t have to pay for this show . We (The UK ) pay for this increasingly irrelevant, anachronistic family to live in palaces and enjoy the kind of wealth unimaginable to the average person . We are expected to live vicariously through their” ups and downs ” , coo over their children and weddings , be in awe of their social policy initiatives but turn a blind eye to the very dark underbelly of a family who have been associated with some of the worlds
    most prolific paedophiles and child traffickers . We talk incessantly about change , about not accepting the unacceptable and yet still hero worship and place a family who epitomise the global elites hypocrisy and power at the centre of our lives .
    Time to start using objectivity , and critical thinking . Do we need this kind of family to aspire to ? Why are we so obsessed with people who don’t know or care that we even exist ?
    Time to look inwards and ask why we are so enchanted and enthralled by something with little substance and no relevance . .

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