The Queen wants Princes William and Harry to put on a ‘united front’

The Queen is hoping her family will put on a ‘united front’ when Prince Harry returns to London for Commonwealth day in March, a source has told Us Weekly. 

Her Majesty reportedly wants Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle to return to the UK for the Commonwealth Day service on 9 March at Westminster Abbey, which will no doubt be attended by Prince William and Kate Middleton. 

‘The Queen’s hoping everyone will put on a united front when Harry returns to London in March — even though there’s still tension behind closed doors,’ the source said. 

‘It’ll be interesting to watch their body language and see how they are together.’


The BRF will put on a show and pretend that everything’s okay as usual. They always do that. You cannot force people to like each other and MeAgain will hate that she has to come back to the UK for that.

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  1. Like any other dynastic family ,( or institution for that matter ) the BRF are only as strong as their weakest link , and the Sussexes( currently) are certainly that . Everything is kept “in house ” . Andrew has been effectively dealt with , as far as the public is concerned it’s business as usual . . It’s now time for the Harkles to tow the party line and to be seen as being part of the “united front ” scenario the RF love to portray to the very gullible public .

    The Royal Family has one imperative, to survive , and now they are in survival mode .
    What go’s on behind closed doors however is an entirely different matter.

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