Tom ‘Skippy’ Inskip snubs Harry over Meghan the ‘hijacker’

A source says: ‘Although they said they didn’t mind at the time, Lara and Skippy are now telling friends they are furious with Meghan and Harry because, on reflection, they believe their wedding was hijacked by their presence and their demands, including asking for guests not to use their mobile phones. It would have been fine were it not for the fact that they were then left off the list for the Royal Wedding evening reception a year later.

‘Some friends hoped that the birth of his first child would have been an opportunity for Skippy to extend an olive branch to Harry. But instead of asking him to be a godfather, he has decided to keep the door closed.’

To make matters worse, Meghan and Harry are love-bombing another of their old circle – Charlie van Straubenzee and wife Daisy – ahead of the birth of their first child.

Another source adds: ‘Meghan has reportedly been sending Daisy some of Archie’s old baby clothes and has made it clear she or Harry would love to be called up for godparent duties. Lara and Tom can’t work out why another couple are feeling the love and they aren’t. Skippy bent over backwards for Harry.’


Meghan is more of a nutjob than I thought if she really sent them Archie’s old clothes. Crazy, narcissistic woman.


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