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The mighty, the glorious, the powerful, and the kind, like a king of ancient myth….this is Hector. Hope you guys actually like horse content….because chances are, now that Zeus and Hector are here, you will be getting a lot 😜 For me my riding training is all about riding different horses. Over the years Geralt has had many horses named Roach and each one has been different, just like real horses. Every horse has a different personality and way of interacting, way of moving, and feel to ride too. So training on different horses builds up that knowledge that Geralt would naturally have built up over the years. As far as becoming a "horseman" is concerned, I have many many years to go, but I am loving every step of the way. #Hector #Horses #Witcher2

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Henry Cavill is this site favorite English Actor, and how did he know that is my favorite breed of horse! Hubba hubba! I’m coming back as a horse, and Henry can ride me all day long. 


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