I got the Flu

I’ll check in several times a day, but I’ve got to lie down. Neck surgery didn’t keep me down, but this is ridiculous. I wanted my mom now that’s bad. 

I’ve watched Red Pill News and citizen investigative report on my big screen, I’m staying up to date, I just wish I could capture all the Q anons for you all. 

Don’t fight with the non-believers, educate them


2 Comments on “I got the Flu”

  1. Sorry to hear you’re not well JD. Rest, rest, fluids & rest. Sending prayers & love your way beautiful lady 🙏😞💖❤️

  2. . Really sorry to hear you are so ill Deanne . ‘Flu is horrible , sometimes mummy love is all we want when we feel so bad ! Can’t do that but I can send you virtual hugs, lots of love and many prayers .

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