Oh boy!

Oh boy! I wish some people would have stopped with their “No, its not Harry in the pics. Its photoshopped. They are not in Canada. They are somewhere else …” and stuff like this. Yes, she does photoshop pics. We all know it. But the guy in the photos who steps down the plane with MM is Harry. It’s clearly him. We know she lies, her PR makes up stories, and we don’t know what is really going on now. We can only assume things, but wearing a tin foil hat every time we clearly see Harry and MM in a pic. and saying “No! It’s not Harry” is pathetic.


You are correct! Harry’s in it up to his eyeballs! It makes me sick reading that everything photoshopped and the kid is a doll. It’s like JHC how much evidence do you need! 

Thank you anon, somebody else needed to say this. 



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