You know that it’s much to do about nothing and it runs smack dab into flu season that kills in the US 37, 000 people each and every year.

While sick with the flu, not Coronavirus, by the way, I had to make my way to doctors’ appointments and go to Walgreens, which is a pharmacy type store for those living outside of the US. The funniest things were happening. There was a run on toilet paper and paper towels. They were out of disinfectant, hand gels you name it they were in hoarding blizzard mode. I bet if you sneezed it would send everyone into a fury, Oh NO!!!

Dudes, Coronavirus is an upper respiratory illness. It’s not going to cause diarrhea or excessive phlegm that a couple of boxes of tissues can’t handle. Think with your heads people. It is fearmongering on the loose.

My state has determined that going to a restaurant, and you must sit six feet from any table. Are you kidding me? There go all the booths! They have said no celebrations or gatherings. Which shoots our spring break in the head, Florida is a tourist state, and we rely on those funds. The globalist may have caused a recession they wanted, but they also caused people to say oh hell no on open borders.

If they tried to slow down Trump, well, they just killed themselves as well. There are no winners from this virus, and China got some explaining to do. As I’ve said before, this isn’t some bat virus; it’s a muted one, chemical warfare like they do to us every two years. It has a long incubation period, and I do think it was designed to act that way.

The best way to keep it at bay is no handshaking, Lysol everything you touch, take vitamin C, and Zinc. Don’t visit Nanna at home just in case. It’s killing older Americans here, and I haven’t heard of any younger people succumbing to the virus.

It’s people like me that have compromised immune systems to be worried about and I’m not worried.