Meghan Markle Is a ‘Shapeshifter’ – And I’m Scared Prince Harry Can’t Keep Up

Meghan Markle is a “shapeshifter” who can quickly reinvent herself. I’m worried that “Hollywood Harry” is in over his head.

This article is the BOMB! 


I think it’s long been established that Meghan Markle had a plan from the very beginning to cash in on the royal reputation.

Granted, many of her deluded fans still refuse to see it, but her plan to become some sort of weird Hollywood royalty has been evident for quite some time.

Meghan has an advantage. She’s had exposure to the celebrity lifestyle in that part of the world, although when she was last there, she was a Z-lister. Most Hollywood gossip writers would have struggled to pick the former “briefcase babe” out a lineup.

🤣🤣🤣🤣We know all about Megsy!


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