No Body Doubles for the Gruesome Twosome

We heard that an individual blogger is suggesting body doubles, they are wrong!

Look, we know Meghan Markle, and she likes front and center camera action. Do you really think she is going to give that opportunity to a double?  Think logically, Meghan Markle is a NARC. They love all the attention on them, not some double.

Harry is in it with her, even though he has some reservations. He can’t figure out why he is so attracted to her and is willing to do the things he is doing.  It’s because of the Narcissism.  You have no idea how hard it is to get away from psychopath Narc.

go fake mm ph credit

Meghan isn’t done with him yet; she has to dismantle Harry totally. Unfortunately, she can’t do it now; she is trying to achieve stardom and fame.

Poor Catherine has to be tortured by this animal, and Meghan has to place these disgusting articles to try to bring her down. It’s not going to happen, Schmegma. We will block you at every turn.


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  1. What do you make of the focus on their ears which do seem to be different in some of the photos? Bad photoshop or camera angle and lighting issues?

    Is it people just wanting to see what they want to see as opposed to seeing what is there and arriving at a valid explanation for why there are discrepancies?

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