I don’t know if Q drops are dumb or not. Frankly, I don’t pay a close attention to them. The reality is the Russian collusion was always a hoax. The Mueller investigation was a sham. General Flynn was set up and framed. It’s a fact. FBI did everything possibly and impossible to get rid of him. Now the truth is out there. FBI doesn’t deny it. CNN and MSNBC don’t want to cover it. I do believe that the end for certain Obama officials will be brutal.

That’s okay, but it continues to come out and vindicate us. We are waiting for indictments, and then the house of cards comes falling down. Many people are not awake yet. They still are believing the Lamestream Media. CIA has been paying these fools for years.

We are fighting for our liberty against the liberal left that is desperate to go back to Quid Pro Quo and human trafficking. We can’t allow this to happen anymore.  I do hope you join me with fighting these scumbags that allowed Jeffrey Epstein to run free, and he also used State Jets,  Hillary Clinton’s Evergreen jet.

Meghan Markle is a small part of this to cause Havok with the BRF making a mockery of them. Also speaking, the woke speak from Hillary and George Soros.

Thank you Anon, 🥰