Woody Harrelson’s hitman father was twice accused of murder before being convicted of assassinating a judge – and claimed he killed JFK

  • A new podcast delves into the life and crimes of contract killer Charles Harrelson
  • He was jailed over the 1979 killing of U.S. District Judge John Wood Jr in Texas
  • Harrelson had already been convicted of the murder of Sam Degelia Jr. in 1973
  • And he was acquitted in 1970 over the 1968 slaying of Alan Berg 
  • Now new podcast Son of Hitman will speak to actor Woody’s two brothers, Brett and Jordan, about their father and his grisly crimes 
  • Professional gambler Charles, who died of a heart attack in 2007 aged 69, had been held at Colorado’s Supermax federal prison until his death 


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