Thomas Markle receives 100k from Meghan

Okay, that blind has been posted for a week. And it’s not on the front page of the DM?  They better get moving on this because if true, Thomas didn’t pass on the information to defense attorneys.

Receiving this money is bribery, and you know it’s against the law.

I still ask all of you. Are they in it together?

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Remember we used to say, 1, 2, 3, Thomas or Sam were going to come out so Meghan can receive sympathy?

Enty, the entertainment lawyer has been written up in Vanity Fair for being the most accurate.  80% accurate!

I don’t want to hear from Sam Markle that someone random anon sent that in. Enty got someone on the inside, someone north of the border.


3 Comments on “Thomas Markle receives 100k from Meghan”

  1. Not surprised in the least.
    I hope the MoS takes down Meghan and her family that seem to all be involved.
    As I have stated previously, I think this hurts her case. This is criminal. Bribery or witness tampering or whatever they want to call it, it came from her side. How did money get into his account? They had to have his info. so they got it from Thomas somehow. The defense can still use him as a hostile witness or something like that. Let’s get the experts to analyze the supposed tweets and paperwork. Why would she need to pay him off? The Sussex fans will not want to acknowledge such things but they will have to.

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