Great minds think alike! I was just putting the Tavistock Institute on my list regarding the world’s biggest social engineering, Psyop: the one that is happening right now!
This is just a small part of the information I have.

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Our Children


The Tavistock Institute has connections to the Rockefeller Foundation.
This Lockstep Scenario was put forward ten years ago by the Foundation as a way to achieve “top-down” control of the population. The method and scenario to achieve this control? A Pandemic. I will be using this Deanne on my 2 part article: Pandemic and Pandemic: It’s Not About the Virus.

LOCK STEP: A definition.

The Hegelian Dialectic.

“Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste”. Rahm Emmanuel.

Hegelian Dialectic

Problem – Reaction – Solution Paradigm

The government creates or exploits a problem then attributes blame to others.
The populace reacts by asking the government for protection and help to solve the problem.
The government offers the solution that was planned by them long before the crisis occurred.
Outcome: Rights and liberties are exchanged for the illusion of protection and help.

Everything is connected, and each of these institutions contributes to the bigger Agenda, which is how to control the masses, which means you and me.

The ultimate goal is to control our minds, bodies, and souls. To control the food chain (and if we eat ) where we travel to, and from, our money, everything pertaining to our everyday lives. Including what we may or may not think. It may not happen soon, but it will happen; currently, we are being trained in compliance and how far we will go before we won’t comply.
This will be done by consent, under the guise of our safety and protection.
The last word from Benjamin Franklin.

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety” Benjamin Franklin.

Kitty ❤❤❤

OMG, Kitty, this is wonderful, and this is what we are fighting against.  Are we strong enough to put a stop to this? People are rebelling everywhere! We’ve had enough! 

What scares me is when Trump leaves office, we will be handed over to these monsters.  Let’s not forget the British Royal Family has invested money in this mess. 

I have to thank you for giving me all these links when you think you’re awakened; you’re not really. It comes with time. This is why we have to send out the truth to everyone. Your response to the information may not hit you right away, but we watch what’s happening now and go OMG! This is all true! You don’t want to believe it and think am I in an alternate reality?  The Deja Vue is overwhelming at times. 


It’s binge-watching time, so I say what the hell and start watching House of Cards, Jesus Christ, did these monsters copy off a tv show? 


I had a mouth drop watching this show. It’s everything Trump is suffering from. Power corrupts. 


Never let a crisis go to waste, we got their number! I’m so proud of the people of New York and California that stood up to the MSM and their captors.  Gavin Newsom scaled back his rhetoric. We are going to vote these people out. 

The Q movement has been instrumental in getting the word out, and we have to thank them and continue the pursuit of Freedom and liberty. We fought for it in the 1700’s we shall fight for it again.  

Exstrodinarly, the world is following Q, which is impressive. We stand for Freedom and the pursuit of happiness. Everybody wants Freedom and to take back their country! Amen! I’ve posted so many from foreign lands that say Q! 

We are on the precipice of great things if we are allowed to move forward. We can still all be friends with borders, it’s in the bible somewhere. 

Thank you for doing this for the website, I know it takes a long time to find the material and read all of it. I’m not going to expand the links this time, some don’t want to cooperate.  If you want to learn about Tavistock these are the links for you. This is a game and you are the pawns. Stand up and fight back.