It is hard to accept that the “One Year Review” has only just begun for M and H . We are only one month in, yet I feel like I have been living the one year for one year already because of the drama.

By way of background amid the Sandringham Summit and Megxit, one thing seemed obvious to all. Harry had spent his life screaming for what he wanted and then getting what he wanted. That tells Harry one thing…screaming pays off. People back off when you do that, and for the sake of peace, the family, your mental health, they give you what you want.

He used that approach with the BRF to marry Megan and to get everyone to agree so he could. Megan said ” no negativity” and Harry said “no questions”. We see now the ramifications of what a lack of tough love, no negativity, and no questions creates. Its done, it’s over now, and in less time than they dated, an agreement was reached one year in that they could leave.

They were divested of some of their most treasured acquisitions, I.e. HRH status, Sussex Royal branding, payback on Frogmore, no more Royals representing the Queen, Military status, etc. BRF was going to impose more, but drew back so as to not appear petty, and give them a chance to more closely analyze their goals. The BRF took this approach because I believe it was in keeping with how they thought Harry should be ” handled”, based on past behavior and what worked.

Let’s face it …they were always intimidated by Harry. Harry was used to pulling out all the stops to get what he wanted. It worked…to a point…and then it didn’t. The loss of HRH, Military status, and Sussex Royal put them into paroxysms of anger at the demotion. Megan of course, always the COWARD ran away as she usually does after creating the mess, disappeared. However, “The One Year Review” is a new ball game.

The BRF will no longer be intimidated. Same players, different strategy. They will land on Harry this time in a different way. They won’t want to lose him (and only him) as a “valued family member”. If he starts acting out this time, he will meet a wall, and that wall will be named William. He will have had one year to get it together, and if this first month is any indication, we have a long year ahead.

Harry and Megan lied and lie on a regular basis, make promises they have no intention of keeping. He will not be believed this time. The reason is that William will have a much bigger role, and voice, in the next round. They will not back down. Get ready Harry… man up.. you will be playing with the big kids this time, not having private meetings with your 94-year-old grandmother to tell your side. William will see through any and all the games.

Thank you Anon!! I love this! It’s about time we have adults playing this game.  William and Kate have our support on this blog.