‘I look for Jeffrey’s type and I bring ’em home.’ Prince Andrew’s cousin tells how Ghislaine Maxwell bragged she recruited girls for Epstein from trailer parks and was intent on eventually marrying him

  • Ghislaine Maxwell bragged to Christina Oxenberg, a distant cousin of Prince Andrew, about how she recruited girls for Jeffrey Epstein in Palm Beach 
  • Oxenberg said Maxwell, who has been accused of being Epstein’s procurer of young girls, told her: ‘I look for what I know is Jeffrey’s type and I bring ’em home’
  • Oxenberg, 56, is the daughter of a Serbian princess and a sister of the Hollywood actress, Catherine Oxenberg 
  • Maxwell was ‘proud’ to be a recruiter for the pedophile during a meeting in 1997 when she wanted Oxenberg, an author and socialite, to write her memoir
  • The British socialite wanted to marry Epstein so he would ‘elevate’ her so she was ‘more than an employee’
  • Oxenberg described Maxwell and Epstein as ‘two odd grifters’ who found each other
  • She said: ‘She told me during that stretch that the reason Jeffrey keeps me around is because I don’t make mistakes’
  • Oxenberg speaks out in a new documentary about Epstein’s death called Who Killed Jeffrey Epstein? which premieres on Investigation Discovery on Monday


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