Tara Reid … Tiger King?

Anon, I read your title and started laughing, and then I laughed even more at this blatant PR piece to capture this role. Whoever is involved in casting should be fired if they pick her for the role.  Kathy Bates would be perfect for the role of Carole.  

Nicholas Cage isn’t the Tiger King, I still like to see David Spade in the role. There are tons of Joe Dirt fans that would go see this movie.  Remember Tiger King is a small weasely type that fits David Spade to a T.

I guess what I am saying this movie is going to bomb in a big way. Too bad we all loved the documentary. 

The article is coming via bullshit weekly, need I say more. 

Didn’t we hear that MM wanted to work with Tara Read? Is this the project? I don’t see a part for her.


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