George Clooney is a big brother figure to Just Harry

Good Grief Harry, Meghan Markle shagged George Clooney.




2 Comments on “George Clooney is a big brother figure to Just Harry”

  1. I doubt that George and his wife really care about Harry and Meghan. The last time George defended them was when he promoted a movie – he only talked about them for PR reasons. He will maybe talk about them again when he has a new project so that he is the news but really caring about them behind closed doors? Nah.

  2. They all just use each other. That seems to be what celebs do for the most part. Purely PR.
    Beyond Meghan with George and Harry, and the PR friendship, George is 59 years old now. He could be Harry’s father as David Foster could be his grandfather. It is this infantile culture that sees people delaying parenthood indefinitely that has given us this indulgent mess. Society is raising generations of narcissists instead of truly caring empathetic people for the most part. Even those NGOs and non-profits are taking pay checks which in some cases are quite substantial. Charity is free. You work for free…..and I will stop now so I don’t get on my proverbial soap box.

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