Meghan Markle’s private diaries ‘are ticking time bomb for the royal family’

It’s believed any memoirs of Meghan Markle’s years inside a monarchy rocked by a rift between William and Harry and Prince Andrew’s damning Epstein sex scandal links and damaging BBC interview could fetch up to $150million in a bidding war


2 Comments on “Meghan Markle’s private diaries ‘are ticking time bomb for the royal family’”

  1. If she ever plans to publish things from her diaries then it better be good stuff because I have lost a lot of interest in those two boring predictable idiots.

  2. No one is buying your version of things Rachel Meghan Markle. If you want to show you are genuinely concerned about what truly went on then just release all the documentation publicly for free. Make sure all the context is correct and don’t make yourself look saintly.
    You are simply a sinner. Do you keep the Ten Commandments? No. How about the Golden Rule? No. Have BRF members screwed up? Yes. You are all n the same boat.
    This will not help you achieve your goals. You may get some money, but trust? No.

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