Meghan Markle believed royal courtiers hatched a ‘conspiracy’ to shame her


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  1. We don’t buy it. Sorry. Meghan did things her way from day one. Harry wanted out and she wanted money and fame. Here we are with this mess.

  2. Unfortunately she is probably absolutely correct in this assertion . The Royal family are an ancient institution and as such any personal ambitions on the part of an individual within the RF are frowned upon , not specifically by other members of the “Firm but by the real power(s) behind the throne . These nameless faceless individuals are the courtiers often called the “men in grey suits ” by Princess Diana, and they wield immense, almost absolute power .
    The reason for this extraordinary power is to maintain the integrity of an institution for whom the continuation of that ancient bloodline is their only imperative , the individual is unimportant in the greater scheme of things . They the( men in grey ) also have a vested interest as they too wish to keep their jobs !
    This is something also found in the British government , the faceless nameless men in Whitehall are also considered to be the power behind every government . The two are often interlinked .

  3. Absolute BS, her scams were being found out, she’s run out of the usual excuses (Racism etc) so the conspiracy theory is her last attempt at turning things in her favour, Sorry (NOT) MM no one is buying it, that is anyone with a full set of braincells.

  4. I think your response is incredibly rude . . I am perfectly aware of MM’s scams and the possibility she and Harry made a plan from the beginning of their relationship , however this is how the RF or to be more precise the Crown as the “institution” works . Try doing some relevant research before launching into an offensive response . Whether this is just another attempt by Markle to curry favour and sympathy with the general public .is irrelevant , my comment was to point out a possibility based on history and logic and was not making a statement of fact . This is precisely why Diana was constantly referring to the “men in grey” spying on her and undermining her . This is why Phillip was marginalised and” reigned” in during his attempts to bring the RF into this century . Why Margaret was not allowed to marry the man she loved because her desires and actions were not seen to serve the best interests of the Crown which also includes (indirectly) the British government
    Frankly even though I am a British taxpayer I am not so invested in the RF as you seem to be . This is no more than a blip in the greater scheme of things The RF will continue until we the British taxpayers decide they wont . . Only the obsessive interest of people who dont pay for these people allows this farce to continue .
    It really isn’t that important

  5. I think we have all heard about the hidden power men before. It is likely Meghan read up on them while studying Diana. Most of us have probably heard about their pure blood plans making even Catherine, Sophie, etc. not good enough. In that sense they are racists.
    Meghan seems to want to blame everyone and everything except herself for this mess. This was her own doing. She will fully voluntarily as a close to middle aged woman chose this for herself. This after she called police in Toronto who found no evidence of her claims. This calling the police and crying to Harry about the press caused Harry to imprudently issue that stupid letter in late 2016. Again there wasn’t any problem. The most any of us saw were literally a handful of media down the road. No one cared. Most didn’t know who she was. They had never heard of her. There were some Africans interviewed live on to while she and Harry were there on their tour. They couldn’t name her. Their constant bigupping herself and all her other contradictory statements via herself or her chosen mouthpieces are as much to blame as the grey suited men. She has been likely recording and writing down everything she possibly could from before she even married Harry.
    Anyway, this is not the place for long essays of thought from each of us.
    Yes the BRF is a money pit. Other forms of government are just as bad. The illusion that the power comes from the people or that the people’s choose their officials is just that, an illusion. They are as corrupt and pompous as this monarchy as well as huge money pits. You can’t get to that level unless you have sold your soul.
    There are so many who have sold out worldwide now that the immoral and corrupt are just running roughshod over everyone/thing these days. Their indoctrinated “useful idiots” are doing their job in helping to advance this filth and garbage.
    We have less than two dozen people on the planet whose combined wealth is equal to that of the bottom approx. 3.8 billion people’s combined wealth. They aren’t stopping there. The monarchies once were moral and much needed. They really still are if only people weren’t so enslaved to their passions and could see that. Most of the world’s population is on a path to self destruction.
    Yes such things as the grey men and their agenda exist. Meghan has her own agenda. They are clashing. She still chose that path. She could have even slowed down and taken it one step at a time, but she doesn’t do slow. She does things as fast as she can from all we have seen and heard from her the past few years and apparently pre Harry. She was supposed to be able to handle all of this as we were told because of her showbiz background. Hardy said he wanted a spouse like that. He reportedly told her many times in long talks prior to that awful display of a wedding what things would be like. She studied Diana and visited England many times.
    She may indeed have had it hard or found things difficult. And? Such it up and deal with it. Stop trying to play victim every which way she can.

    She doesn’t seem to have been a strong wealthy independent woman. She seems to have just been a gold digging social climeber who used her feminine wiles against men to advance her career and get what she wanted
    She planned her out from day one. She never gave things a chance. Her total working royal days amounted to 358 days worked yet the public has paid how many tens of millions for her ( and her other half)? And she was merching and charging people to meet her from reports that have trickled through.

    As the saying goes, ” Be careful what you wish for. It may come true.”

    Now I will resume my search to find a place to live…. as I have been doing for more than six months now…. long story.

  6. Thank you for your measured ,
    insightful response . I agree with everything you have written about MM . . Meghan Markle is in my opinion a very strong candidate for being a narcissist . I can only say this because my ex husband is a (diagnosed ) narcissist and many of the behaviours I see and read about in MM are ones I recognise . The frightening thing about these people is they never let you go , ever . They are extremely destructive and dangerous people . It took me years of pain, abuse and fear before I had the courage to run away from him .I only stayed because I believed in the vows I made and was too young to understand I didn’t deserve to be “that person “. Harry who , is obviously complicit in much of this will end up being chewed up and spat out by this woman .
    As far as the world is concerned I also believe we are on a path to self destruction , We live in a materialistic, secularised society where relativism rules , there are no absolutes , no boundaries . We believe we are the greatest thing in the Universe and have lost the ability to self reflect and modify or change our dreadful behaviours .
    The idea of the Divine Right of Kings and all it entails both morally and spiritually has been lost forever , that will only return when we look for and actively seek the Kingdom of Heaven , here on this earth (which is actually translated as the Government of God) , I cant see that happening until we change the way we think .

    Unfortunately this RF are and always have been embroiled in many scandals and are part of the globalist agenda we talk about here on this website . As far as they are concerned Markle and her machinations are not a problem , Harry is , he is part of the family , they are only concerned about him . In one sense she has been good for them : no one will be looking at the Andrew, Epstein or the Charles, Savile” friendships ” which if they hadn’t so obviously been suppressed and censored by the presstitutes who work for our mostly corrupt news outlets could have caused the monarchy as an institution to collapse . So from that point view I would say the “never let a good crisis go to waste” is very applicable here . It would possibly explain the apparant lack of action to take control of the apalling behaviour of these two so called senior Royals .
    I’m sorry you’ve been looking for somewhere to live for such a long time , I do hope you find somewhere soon , I’ll keep you in my prayers as I’m sure everyone here will too . 💖

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