Sunshine Sachs…once a premier PR firm…6 months with Megsy…down in flames

Rumor has it that the “word on the street” is that Megsy’s PR firm, Sunshine Sachs despises Megsy. Money is huge, but she pays very little attention to their advice.

I am of the opinion, they are tanking in the very selective, boutique world of Hollywood PR and they have her to thank. In Hollywood “who you represent is who you are”.

One thing I was unaware of is that Sunshine Sachs prefers to be under the radar, and our little coquette has made them so public, they do not like it. I am thinking because of the publicity, most of the real celebrity clients have been outed in most of the stories about SS. The clients do not like it, and would make their feelings known to Sunshine Sachs.

Clients, real celebrity clients, pay SS to keep them out of the papers, good or bad. Sunshine Sachs preferred operating behind the scenes, that has ended. MM has essentially destroyed their reputation for killing stories and pulling strings, which apparently was one of being a fairly discreet, subtle but deadly, PR team. I, for one, in reading one of the more publicized stories, did not know they were the PR machine covering up Harvey Weinstein’s shenanigans for years with so many women.

With each published article about Megsy and her Team at SS, there would be a little more info on SS, and how they operate on behalf of their clients. Now I even know most of the clients.

There was a story that apparently one woman, a former Miramax employee, killed herself over Harvey Weinstein’s antics, and it never got out. Sunshine Sachs, according to the press, was also Michael Jackson’s PR team. I cannot even imagine how if all the PR was from Sunshine Sachs, how they every manipulated Michael Jackson’s histrionics with his pedophilia reputation, behind the scenes with the children, the Doctor, and people involved.

Now we have Sunshine Sachs’s worst nightmare; a pathetically obtuse personality who is very dumb, who does not take most of their advice. So they do not even get the benefit of success with MM. Unlike other clients, MM wants her narrative of the story out there and her name running it (and theirs) with it. MM is never going to give over success to another entity.

Regardless of if it is a lie, a betrayal, or even on point. MM has certainly not enhanced the reputation of Sunshine Sachs in my opinion. Before they were mainly “Insiders”, handling things quietly, behind the scenes. MM has effectively “outed them” and made them an object of ridicule (as they are the crux of the Team) because of all the failures she has been party to. Therefore, they have failed at their job, not her.

She wants all and sundry to know she has the money to hire SS. They in turn, must live with the fact that they are her hired guns…and we all know, you should not play with guns. Guns can kill you!

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NEW YORK, NY – SEPTEMBER 25: (L-R) Shawn Sachs, Nancy Northup and Ken Sunshine attend Center for Reproductive Rights: Unite Tonight New York on September 25, 2013 in New York City. (Photo by Monica Schipper/Getty Images for Center for Reproductive Rights)

As you can see above, they are leftie liberals.

You’re right; Sunshine Sachs is supposed to be a discreet agency, dirty deeds done dirt cheap. Michael Jackson was their client but had no problem with Oprah (dirty) throwing him on the bonfire.  Yet, Oprah didn’t throw Harvey on the fire, why? Harvey got enough dirt to take them all down.

Hollywood are a bunch of cowardly bullies, and I know Harvey is going to talk for a reduced sentence. That man didn’t get to where he was without secrets.

I’ve been saying that some of the people of Sunshine Sachs can’t stand MM. It’s the exact reason you state. The Broad just don’t listen to good advice. It was okay when we were pointing fingers at Sunshine Sachs, but now the press is after MM and Sunshine, Sachs. They have been with Megahoe PR for at least four years.  We know how dirty they can be, and it’s all going to come out.

They rep Leo, Streisand, Jlow, Ben Affleck, etc. we will throw them all under the bus. We know MM worked with CAA and had their stable of actors go to the wedding and stick up for Megatron.  Not anymore, she screwed the pooch! MM came out like a gold digger! POOF! Gone!

Even Enty says that MM was complaining about her team, the best that money can buy.  This is the time; those people should move away from the ladder and watch her fall.  If they do that, I will be a good celeb blogger instead of pointing out all the fake PR, joking?

As she burns her personal Rome to the ground, we can all kiss and makeup and laugh while MM burns to the ground.

Thank you anon, 🥰



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  1. Didn’t they also represent Sarah, Duchess of York?
    It is all a tangled web of deceit. What/ when will be their tipping point with Meghan?
    You reap what you sow.

    Thou shalt not bear false witness….

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