Contact tracing

Oh joy. Yeah right, they care about us…..

WTF! That would illegal to put under Workers comp. This is crazy town, No F**king way, it’s impossible! Lock me up and someone getting a punch in the throat. Let these assholes go first and see how they like it!  No other states don’t have these things! NAZI! Don’t download it!!! 

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  1. Meanwhile Fauci has said hydroxy chloroquine is both a vaccine and a cure for coronaviruses . Wearing masks makes things worse.
    Gates has given nearly $340 million to Australia for vaccine stuff. Australia may soon be owned by China. This will likely split the country. I think something along those lines is happening in New Zealand as well. Ardern is very much a socialist and has a degree in PR (basically) and has pretty well bought out the mainstream media.
    Hong Kong is now not a separate entity according to the US. Taiwan is being ignored as its own nation.

    Ready for WWIII? Perhaps a certain group was used to condition us to wearing headgear/masks, social distance, snitch on others, stay inside. have less income and freedom. etc… while the real threat was gearing up. This is likely to send us to the next phase of their plan.


    This is the plan for the UK . Basically it’s the beginning of constant surveillence of British citizens . (Boris is currently using Richard Thalers the” Nudge”) Note the suggestion that the “tracers ” will have access to homes without a warrant . This will be rolled out world wide and was always the “plan ” The general public clamouring for a solution to the” problem”: in this case a virus .Protect us we cry , which is only ever with our consent , until it isn’t. Classic Hegelian Dialectic . Problem , Reaction, Solution
    Instead of the three” T” s may I suggest the three” B”‘s?


  3. Totally agree Kitty. This has long been the plan. They have dumbed down schooling and rewritten history so people don’t learn or remember. Have you ever read Charlotte Iserbyt’s work? Very enlightening.

  4. Yes-! I have and of course John Taylor Gatto . The idea was / is to make our children numb and dumb compliant and docile . We have National Curriculum you have Common Core . It was marketed certainly here as : “to teach each and every child according to his or her individual needs ” Which of course is obviously untrue . It was to standardise education so no one had the opportunity to go “off plan ”

    Inculcate not educate is the mantra , taught to the test then tested to destruction. It’s the Prussian method but expanded . , and again a huge social engineering experiment , linked to multiculturalism and globalisation . Most teachers here are rabidly left wing, they follow the model and are fiercely politically correct .
    I always found it difficult to send my children to school . 2 were home schooled but still ended up in the “system” eventually .

    Homeschooling will be banned soon I believe , now, it’s a right we have , as long as a child is somehow educated . However the government will stop that using political “radicalisation ” as the reason to protect children from the dangers of homeschooling . It is ironic that the Mos lem population are the ones protesting against the “system ” in this case their children (all children ) being educated as to the joys of gay and straight sex from the age of four . This also includes being asked if they are happy with their gender .
    I was given some confidential information as to the rights of parents regarding this and in effect there are no parental rights . Its a night mare . I thank God my children are now young adults and I don’t have to put them through this .

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