Harry & Meghan wanted to keep some of their Met police bodyguards in the US & even offered to hire them privately

A source revealed: “During the ‘Megxit’ talks, Harry and Meghan said they were keen to keep their royal protection Met cops and offered to pay the Met to have them.

“This was rejected by the Met as unworkable.

“Harry and Meghan then explored other ways of keeping at least one or two of the Met cops – offering to pay them privately.”

Sources close to Harry, 35, and Meghan, 38, say they have not yet hired their own guards and are currently being protected by a Hollywood security firm.

The couple and son Archie, one, are living at actor Tyler Perry’s £15million mansion in Beverly Hills.

Prince Harry is said to have believed they could keep their taxpayer-funded Scotland Yard team because of his position in the line of succession.

But they were forced to change plans by the Megxit backlash.


2 Comments on “Harry & Meghan wanted to keep some of their Met police bodyguards in the US & even offered to hire them privately”

  1. #sussexit is what I would call it if I was giving it a name.
    What money were they going to pay the private security with? Are they paying for these places they are couch surfing at?
    Who is paying for everything presently ( since day one)? The British taxpayers via Harry’s dad with some help from Canadian taxpayers and possibly a small bit from American taxpayers.
    Where is all their money since they can’t repay Frogmore in full? I’d say she spends it all on nonsense PR which is turning them not only into irrelevant sort of celebs but also making them laughingstocks.

    They can’t have the Met Police anyway, can they? Wouldn’t they be required to use local Leos and follow local laws?

  2. Perhaps having them go into the witness protection program would work for them? New names and identities. New histories. Change their faces , hair and all that…. no more need for any expensive anything or protection. Complete fresh start .

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