Give your honest opinion about the riots

You have heard from me now I want to know what you think? Whether you’re on Twitter or Tumblr, I think it’s a conversation that needs to be had.

Do you think this politically motivated?

Do you think George Soros was behind this?

What’s, is the narrative telling you?

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2 Comments on “Give your honest opinion about the riots”

  1. Only read a bit on social media here and there.
    Politically motivated? Yes.
    Soros involved? Yes.
    Narrative? Trying to destroy sovereignty of the US, affect the election to get their man in office as they have been doing since Hillary managed to not win in 2016, depopulation and submissiveness of populace to try and rule the world. The US looks like a racist Wild West caricature. What of nations such as China at present? Will the US be invaded?

  2. .Is it a coincidence this has happened after a so called Pandemic ? This is an election year , Its political , everything is about politics .
    All Trump supporters are considered : right wing White Supremacists . Christian Fundamentalists . Working Class (therefore ill educated ) Populism historically is followed by totalitarianism. Is George Soros involved ? Of course . This is a class , race war, socially engineered to bring America down from within , no need for an invasion by China or anyone else, America can do the job very nicely on its own .
    What will follow ? More top down control . More monitoring , open borders , more control , Its all about controlling you , your money , movements , your life . Wake up Americans , you are being played .If you go down the rest of the world follows .

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