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“The art of forest bathing is the art of connecting with nature through our senses. All we have to do is accept the invitation”.

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Walking through a Forest

Vaughan William’s The Lark Ascending

I thought I would send you a Forest Deanne ! You said you love them , so do I . I’m in the very privileged position of living near an ancient 800 year old wood , It’ s only a few hundred yards away from my home , I go there to escape from the world . On the way there very early in the morning there are larks singing, so I sent you the larks too .
This is just one more thing we fight to keep . Our world is so very beautiful We need to stand back sometimes and realise what we have and how easy it would be to lose it all .
Kitty ❤❤❤

Kitty Links! You are amazing! It has taken me back 48 years!  We had over an acre and it back up to at least 15 acres of woods. We would ride our mini bikes back there. The neighborhood kids made a sledding slope and one of the trails we called Suicide Hill. The older kids set up a rope swing that would take you across the creek.

It was a happy time for me because I really loved animals and nature.  since I was the only girl it was a little bit lonely for me. I had my woods to hide. 

I grew up in a Victorian A-frame house with a giant oak tree in the front yard half-dead, very spooky when the bats came in. We had another giant oak that sadly didn’t make it. The weather tore it down, the creek alongside its lumbering body to lost soil and down it went. It’s a bridge now, cause nobody wants to carve it up. 

We had pheasants that came every year to mate, along with hawks.  Their space is now gone replaced with a mini-mall. I was sickened when they took the last piece of land for a car wash. 

 Along came a bulldozer and ripped those 15 acres away. Gone was my birchwood forest. I cried I protested, this crazy little kid running back and forth down Kings Highway. 

When I got to high school I had an alternative English class interpreting rock music. This was the time of Saturday Night Fever and I was considered a greaser. Mr. Moore gave us the assignment to Rush’s The Trees.  Now, that I think about Rush was ahead of their time with ecology. It’s meant to show the struggle of trees to get light and nutrients.  Pretty cool, eh

You know what my mom got out of mini-mall, RATS, gone were all things that made me happy.

I guess you can tell I really like The Planet of the Humans, these bio-fuel places do the same thing. They are clear-cutting. everything. It’s so sad that Racoons, Oppusums, birds, turtles have lost their environment. I envy you that you have a forest to escape too. I pray it never gets ripped down. 



3 Comments on “For Deanne . A WALK THROUGH A FOREST”

  1. We had the same childhood ! Thousands of miles away , but so similar. Your description of your childhood memories took me back too . Our forest was right next to our house . Its recently been designated an area of outstanding beauty but I just saw it as a fabulous playground . My mum would pack us lunch and we’d be on our bikes by 9am , back at six o’ clock . We had that hill , I had absolutely no fear at all , I cant believe how steep it was and still is . We had the tree rope , it went over the river , my brothers always tried to push me in !
    My life was full of rough boys , so I hid in my own den . I would take my sandwiches and watch and listen to the birds . My mum said I was always rescuing animals (and people ) I would nurse birds and little animals back to health with my dad . Happy days !

    How sad it was all destroyed , Its heartbreaking, all for a mall . We are so similar , always the social justice warrior , Its actually a painful thing to be because it all hurts .

    Very cool ! Brilliant song, and way ahead of its time .
    My wood needs prayer . The warden who is supposed to protect it has a right to wood , he has his own mini artisan brewery and is cutting down trees to fuel his fires for the brewery .
    I’m on to him though and have already started to ask questions .
    Thanks for reminding me of my lovely memories Deanne, and for sharing yours .
    Love always ❤❤❤

  2. That was awesome! My 2nd cousins lived up the street they all had acres of ground. We would play jailbreak it lasted into the evening. I was a tomboy and loved to play football with the guys. My identical twin brothers drove me mad! My mother always said I should have named you Donald. We had old chicken coops in the back yard and one day this little boy and girl came to visit with their parents. They started up a conversation and the boy couldn’t talk right but his sister translated for him. He said one day I’m going to marry you. I married him in 1997.

  3. I was a tomboy too ! I had my own little” gang” , mostly boys , 2 other girls but not my rough older brothers , they were definitely not allowed , They used to “raid ” our den and throw dried cow pats at us ., very grim , especially if it hit you full on . I was a bit bossy though 😁Loved my little group, we made a tree house , dug a tunnel under the tree (and ended getting stuck) , that was scary but we were out playing again a few days later . Got chased a lot by very angry cows , it was fun, we were so free . .
    Donald ! LOL ! Love it !
    What a love story , it sounds like a fairy tale ! I eventually married the love of my life from the next village in 1996 !

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