The “king” is even on Bitchute….
I was checking twitter to see the situation in New Zealand about these BLM protests that the govt allowed despite closing down businesses, churches, etc….

Level 2, and these protests should not have happened. What did I stumble upon, but this king of Uk video link, which I followed and found Joseph and this channel?

I will tell you I’m having a hard time with this as Anne Boleyn was a consort of Henry the eighth. We’re are going to go through all the evidence and decide for ourselves. 


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  1. Boleyn was Queen Consort, just as Camilla is legally able to style herself in the future .
    I put some info on King of the UK DoC 3: 12 .
    Hallet is also associated with (Prof ) James H (Jim ) Fetzer notorious conspiracy theorist . I use that term because he brings serious researchers (along with Alex Jones ) into disrepute , in fact they are connected in one way or another . Fetzer also contributed to the foreward of a Nicholas Kollestrom book , Breaking the Spell another Holocaust Denial tome .
    Why is the Tarot woman so invested in this ridiculous narrative ? Another question .

    Hallet actually thinks he is the Second Coming . In other words God incarnate . God, here, on this earth . 🤣

  2. I think it’s one of those distraction deception things . I’m trying to remember what was happening when Flat Earth took off . It was bizarre , it caused some serious problems in the alt news community . This reminds me of that .
    Maybe that’s the idea, cause problems .
    I dont know , but I don’t think it’s about his claims to the throne , he’s certifiable .

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