US Protests – The Royals

Oh my Gawd! They shouldn’t do this, as Dan Bongino says to wait 72 hours for the entire story.  There is a story and THE STORY.

What we know so far, George worked with the officer at a club doing security, he was also resisting arrest, and it took many officers to get him in the car, he was also high as a kite. So was it alcohol and a combination of drugs? We don’t know all the facts yet.

Granted, the cop used excessive force and is being punished for it. Does that mean you burn down cities and loot stores? NO, and even George’s brother is condemning the protesters/rioters. We support all peaceful protests, and there is plenty of evidence showing they tried to stop the violence.

Meghan and Harry are complicit with ANTIFA, a terrorist group that had bricks stashed all over the city.  Patriot protesters filmed these premediated weapons. I know that MM has ties to Hillary Rotten Clinton and George. So, I say fuck them.

I found proof that George Soros was the curator of this massive destruction of property and death. It looked the same as Chile riots to which he sponsored.


4 Comments on “US Protests – The Royals”

  1. Not a surprise, they are top of the Globalist chit pile .What happened to political neutrality , cutting ribbons , smiling and being charitable? .Showing their hand . Big mistake.

  2. So, the modernity MM wanted to bring to the British Monarchy was inserting (their own) political beliefs into it? Bad move – if the action was really approved by QEII 😶☮️

  3. Yes, I think so Barb . Markle seems to have had (or has) her own political agenda . I think Harry feels he is continuing with his mothers legacy . Diana was very much aware of her status as a Princess , she was very “Royal ” .I dont think for a minute that her son and daughter in law and their woke , left wing agenda would have been approved of .
    The BRF are one of the oldest institutions in the Western world . “If it ain’t broke , don’t fix it” is a statement very much applicable in their case . It was a bad move , Im wondering if the Queen knew about this or if she gave them autonomy as far as far as making decisions regarding the Commonwealth Trust is concerned . ?

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