William will bring out the big guns if you go over the line. Tatler has.

Megan Narcle … gone radio silent. All of her jibber-jabber about her lawsuit and not being supported by the Palace, re: “If this was happening to Kate the palace would react…but not for me blah, blah, blah. Maybe she knew all along about the Tatler article from Jessica M. and that is why she kept going on about it.

She probably is very pleased with herself as the Palaces’ reaction reinforces MM’s position. Possibly she knew the vitriol that was going to spill out from that article, and ultimately the reaction was going to be strong. Therefore, radio silent as of late.

The “See, I told you the Palace will stick up for Kate”. Not a surprisingly observant comment since she probably already knew from her own sources what was going into the story on Kate in Tatler. So the more she said the Palace never spoke up for me, their reaction just confirmed her belief, which she expected it would. Still, I am surprised the Palace and that the Cambridges did react.

I, for one, am glad that Tatler sources will be scrutinized by an IPSO review. It also puts everyone on notice out there like the Narcles and their sources, if you put out these vague references of “Sources”…”friends of “… this kind of thing, you will have IPSO reviews and the resulting damages to pay, or lawsuits on your hands. Add to that, lies and inaccuracies of such magnitude that you completely distort any objectivity, because your focus is only on, i.e. body shaming of a woman, sexism, negative family relationships, you have sent a poor message to the female reader of your magazine. Compounding their errors, they are messing with William, and his reaction is not going to be any day at the beach.

The Narcs and their ilk may not pay in the short term, but Narckles long term payday will be very much diminished once William gets his hands on the Duchy. They will regret it because William will never forget it or forgive them. I can confirm these theories as I was told them by a very “skilled craftsman”…and you know what an accurate source they have always been.

I just love your posts! Yep, I hear you on the sources, they can be trusted. This situation fits in nicely with divorce if we can get Harry back in the UK. 

Meghan Markle has always been a hit and runs asshole leaving everyone else holding the bag. I’m really looking forward to this one happening. Glee 

Meghan is a fake claiming she loves women, no she doesn’t she hates them. If she did love them why would she treat her sister-in-law like shit! 

I’m as surprised as you are that the palace handled this, it usually don’t complain and don’t explain.  I think they know who did it and this their way of telling the hoe bag, we know. 

We thank you very much, and keep on bringing them!



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  1. I think part of the Palaces reaction was also because Tatler brought the Middletons into the article too – & not in a nice way. Showdowns gotta be coming 🤞☮️

  2. It seems the Palace has drawn a line in the sand this time …… The “sources ” needs some serious “reigning ” in .
    The Tatler article was despicable for numerous reasons : body shaming Catherine with the implication there was an eating disorder similar to that suffered by Williams mother , which in itself is vile . Eating disorders are horrendous and often result in death .
    This :
    “Outwardly, it seems that with years of scrutinising public pressure Kate has become perilously thin, just like – some point out – Princess Diana. One could argue that Kate is naturally slim and indeed, like Pippa, a vigorous exerciser. Or perhaps her size is down to the stress of being a multitasking mother of three – one countenancing the additional worries of defending a Royal Family seemingly under siege. ‘

    The constant references to Kate’s family’s upper middle class background and the implication they worked their working class way up there is British snobbery at it’s worst .
    “Very Buckinghamshire” , another put down , again the implcation they” bought their furniture ” rather than inherited it .a slight found in the British upper classes. Quite frankly anyone who’s been to a crumbling , musty, dog stinking pile , no matter how grand would welcome the delicious comfort and delightful scent of a Jo Malone or Diptyque scented” very Buckinghamshire “house !

    The Middletons are a fine example of a work ethic rarely found in this country anymore , they chose to send their children to Marlborough, one of the best public schools in the country and why not ? If Carole Middleton had ambitions for her daughter’s: good for her, surely this can only be applauded rather than be sneered at ?

    The article go’s on and on with one either direct, or passive aggressive attack after another . Every word dripping in venom coming from a dark, jealous, vicious place . It was one of the most extraordinarily unpleasant articles I have ever read about a member of the RF
    The fact this was a woman writing this was even more shocking , body shaming a woman no matter who she is is always a no no , the “sources ” and writers of this diatribe should themselves be shamed .
    What else to say , but beware of an angry future King .

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