Thank you anon, for bringing this interview. Lady C jewelry is outstanding, and she looks great! Lady C is getting the word out where we couldn’t, and we need to remember that not everyone reads the blogs.


I do feel for Lady C about the MM deranged sugars. They refuse to see the truth about that slug!


Meghan Markle received the Royal Red carpet treatment and enjoyed immense accolades from the British press. It was only when the Gruesome twosome decided to withhold from the media that got them into trouble.  They became paranoid, and the only way Meghan Markle can get back at the press is the race card. Which was full of shit, and we all know that.  It’s laughable, and we enjoy watching her make a fool of herself and Harry, too, knowing his background in race relations.


The palace bent over backward for the deranged one, and she had them walking on eggshells!  Don’t forget she crucified Ed Lane Fox in the Express. He never deserved that, he was loyal to Harry for years. As a NARC does is get rid of everybody, and she did!


I know we always hear the Crowne always wins, I’m rooting for them with upcoming lawsuit headed their way by that troglodytic!


Lady Colin Campbell is adorable and a lovable character that this blog will have her back in a heartbeat.


Also, Prince Leo is still hot, and he does a lot of charming things in his life. If you want me to start following him, let me know, I think he is deserving of promotion.


Harry, if your reading, wake up numbnuts! I would have defended you against a murder charge, but this disloyalty has really burned my arse. Right now, you’re the douchebag of the year!


You all know what slugs do? They leave a slimy trail wherever they go. Need I say more?