BLM and Wokeness – Aren’t you sick and tired being told what to think?

Democrats have allowed lawlessness to be their focal point on BLM, and now as I’ve said before, the entire black community will be blamed for everything!  The democrats will leave you holding the bag.


Defund the police and taking power away from the police has left many wounded and dead. It’s not safe to walk the city streets!


Who’s at fault for that?

  1. Bill De Blasio
  2. George Soros
  3. Hillary R Clinton
  4. Act Blue
  5. BLM leaders
  6. democratic national committee
  8. Jenny Durkin
  9. Democrat-run states
  10. Lori Lightfoot, I need my hair done
  11. That idiot from Michigan
  12. Morons from Minneapolis


Blaming the violence on the Coronavirus is a cop-out!


Democrat-run cities have been given the keys to lawlessness, and blaming it on a virus is disgusting! We, the silent majority, see you for what you are, CRIMINALS! You hate trump so bad that your pinning your misdeed on this President is out of control and wrong! You are to blame Democrats, and we are going to take it to the polls in November!


Nancy Pelosi wants to bend the knee to this is outrageousness! You’ll all be voted out in November!


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George Kirby, or whatever your name is! They picked a career criminal over an innocent girl shot dead over a wrong address, go figure!


I hope you’re all locked up for conspiracy and murder! That’s right! The left said it was okay to commit these crimes. They put infected patients in nursing homes to kill other patients while taken their relatives out of the home because they knew it would kill them.  They used the black community for their benefit, and now it backfired badly!


Do you see the hypocrisy and criminality? They conspired and planned because they have a weak candidate for President. It’s an election, not the end of the world, morons!


Dr. Fauci is doctor death and destruction! You knew HCQ was a cheap, effective cure but instead pushed a costly pill on to the masses. The taxpayers have to eat that expense! The people can’t afford that!  Even if the government picks up part of the cost, you are still stuck with the rest of the bill at $1,000 a pop!  Falci has been on the taking for years. It’s time for him to retire!


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I want to point out again that Sweden never went on lockdown and didn’t have more COVID then the rest of us. My bet is their people built an immunity to the virus.


We have nurses saying the test is making people sick, and the tests are all coming up positive.  Its a rumor, but we are going to monitor this.


The world has gone amuck, and it’s up to all of us to make it right again. Stop this woke thing and let people have opinions and individual thoughts.  It must be anxiety-ridden to be Woke. It’s communism!  I like to see one of them come to me!  People have been losing jobs over saying the wrong things. Their intent wasn’t racist! They never woke up and said I think I’ll be racist today!


You guys may not agree with me, but Jessica Mulroney isn’t racist!  She may have done some fucked up things for Meghan Markle, but she was never racist. I think she was set up by her so-called best friend out of jealousy of Jess’s success in fashion and influence.  Meghan is a greedy cow, and since she isn’t succeeding well, toss Jess on fire for her puppet masters. I hope Jess returns the favor to you, Megatron!

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