Middle Age Meg and Hapless Harry …Zoom Calls are our specialty!

Who…how…and where did the remit come from that brought about the speech by Abbott and Costello on “Institutional Racism”? We are talking about two layabouts aren’t we…who dream up causes to “be a voice for” periodically, in the vain hope they can tie their ticket to wealth to it.


Most Americans are pretty savvy and appear to believe (because it is evident in their look ) they are on coke, but there must be someone “babysitting them” to reign in their indulgences. The Hollywood Millenials…Abbott and Costello, climb aboard the movement of the moment, crash videos discussing said cause, and insist on performing in them.


Very inarticulately, uninformed, and sloppily presented in any forum they forge ahead. What is sad about all of this is because they are “coked up”, I think they temporarily forget they are actually not intelligent enough to comment on these issues and they sound it.


We have Harry, who had to cheat and lie to graduate from High School (and only did because the Royal Family had to intervene to silence Harry’s professors) and a failed Canadian cable actress on a very low rated show, in the part of the 5th lead. Recently, I might add one step above a porn film, as it was recently rated the “Raunchiest Show on Cable” in Canada.


Listening to, or allowing them to publicly speak in any forum, of any kind, is akin to allowing a pedophile loose in a playground. NOTA GOOD IDEA! They will do or say anything to get what they want. Their word salad salivates with their desire to bury the Royal Family by insulting their Queen.


They essentially create mayhem by using the words of racism and revolution to incite people. They will stir up, via the catchy verbal histrionics they employ, to make the Commonwealth sound as if it was one step away from being destroyed by the British…and it was not because the British did not try.


This is treasonous coming from Harry particularly, and Megan as the agent of his actions. They should be removed from all their Titles, Patronages, Allowances, Security, everything… that they have been given. If they believe so much in the cause, really join it. Get down in the trenches and really help the movement to move forward. Give up your worldly goods. Be an outspoken participant…live the life of those you say you want to help.


Oh wait, that’s right you can’t because that would mean giving up your free house, your free security, your free car, your free allowance, your free life. All the things those people you say you want to help would be given anything to have just a small part of. They would only want a small house, a secure neighborhood, a job that paid a reasonable wage. You could give them that. Of course, that would mean you would have to give up an $18 million freebie of a house, an allowance from your Father, and finally that security you value so highly.


The real people only want a cop at the intersection their children would cross to go to school. Of course, if you really cared, that would mean you giving up some of what you have been “given”, not worked for, but “given”. Of course, that will never happen because it is fantasy… because you just talk, talk , talk. You never provide an answer really, or donate to the cause (oh yes, you did and do pay that $13 a month to keep an unadopted pet fed for a month at Mayhew in London). We know who you really are underneath all the pap and word salad. You are a bullsh–er. You never give anything to others…you only take things from others. The revolution is coming Harry and Meg…and it is coming for you two.



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