Another one bites the dust!

Heard on the grapevine…Megan Markle has been dropped by PR firm, Sunshine Sachs…anyone else hearing this? Reason given…the obvious…too demanding, too annoying…too many delayed payments…too many requests for essentially asking them to lie (not that they would not, just too many requests)…leaning on other clients for an intro, for a part…for a contact…for anything they can get for free. I guess even they had to put a stop to it.


The Harkles were blaming SS for Megan not having any success…no offers…no meetings…nobody important ringing her up for a part. She was effectively asking Sunshine Sachs to make her a success; MM did not have the time to do it herself.


I believe the word on the “street” in Beverly Ridge Estates was that she was spending a lot of time going door to door asking for the big “A” to have play dates with neighborhood kids. Apparently, no one answered their door. She left notes, of course, and explained that she was too important to go to the playschool, Mommy and Me! Fear of Moms rioting if they met her in person! Too well known.

Megan wants to feel she tried to “integrate” Archie into the baby population at large. He plays in his room now, with his 52-year-old Nanny… in the Nanny wing… next to the laundry room… in the corner of the basement.


Megsy needs quiet now anyway, as she has a call into Scooter Braun, and Archie gets too excited if he sees her. Archie wants to let the Nanny know there is an unrecognized interloper in the house, and Security should be informed as the drones did not notice her.


LMAO,  Sunshine Sachs is one of the best in the industry, dirty deeds done dirt cheap as they say. The Woke stuff is being rejected, and dumb and dumber don’t know when to get off the wagon.  Oh, my gawd! This is going to be fun to watch! Popcorn at the ready! Reputation is everything. 

Thank you anon! 


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  1. Nah, the media would know about it. Every article still states that you need to contact Sunshine Sachs if you have questions about Harry and Meghan.

  2. Hope this is true. I imagine that she is a demanding and entitled nightmare to worth with. She is delusional now and believes that she is now the “queen” of the U.S. Branch of the monarchy. It is almost spooky how much she looks like Wallis Simpson. In spite of the foggy filters in her videos, and the new plastic surgery, lately, Megs is looking much older and kind of plain.

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