The Swamp Rats have been busy

Let’s see they thrown kids in cages, impeachment BS, Coronavirus, and now BLM riots at us, and all measures have failed. It keeps getting worse for DemonRats.


Dumb and Dumber have jumped on the woke train from hell to lecture us again that you should be uncomfortable. They only thing I’m uncomfortable with is the gruesome twosome talking out their asses.


The Commonwealth was made to level the playing field, and more countries want to join, but the Dumbasses have taken on their puppet masters narrative. Too bad, most are leaving that narrative in droves. Even Gloria Steinman is saying, wait for a second now, I’m not allowed to have the freedom to express myself without death threats and being thrown on cancel culture bonfire?  No, no, and 🤬 no.


Again, the gruesome twosome is left holding the shit stick. They are too stupid and fame-hungry to realize that all of this is fake! Meghan will never become a politician because she is too thin-skinned to handle the pressure of criticism.  Look at her now! Boohoo, the British press was critical of me and called me out! Don’t they know who I am?  I’m Queen of the world!  Drink my delusional tea!


That’s not how it works Megatron, just because someone gave you a title doesn’t mean you get to treat people like shit! Heads up, you were born an asshole!


Meg, really, the opposition will tell about how you yachted for money, how you chased after men, ghosted friends, treated your father like rotting garbage. These things do matter, Megula!  And now, we hear rumors that Sunshine Sachs, the leading PR for politicians, has dumped your ass for being a pain in the ass, plus you don’t pay on time.  No amount of PR can fix this broken ship from sailing.


Now, for you, Harry darling, STFU, BLM isn’t going to be your strong suit since everything has been handed to you on a silver platter. You are telling people to get involved. Dear Dumbass, they are shooting and beating people to death. Is this what you mean by getting involved?  You disgust me!  You’re a swamp rat!

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