Queen Mother treated ‘spare to the heir’ Prince Harry drastically differently to William


2 Comments on “Queen Mother treated ‘spare to the heir’ Prince Harry drastically differently to William”

  1. I watched a documentary about the Queen Mother. I believe that she was just doing her duty by focusing on William. I don’t think she deliberately tried to hurt Harry by excluding him. She had so much integrity and strength and both Elizabeth and Margaret were raised with warmth and love. I never knew much about the Queen Mother’s background before, so the documentary was enlightening.

    Thanks so much jerseydeanne for running such an informative site on so many levels. Looking forward to the new subject additions of scuba and luxury!

  2. If you want to submit the video on the Queen Mother, I would love to post that! You have to think that William lost his mother too. Here is a boy who will one day become King, so I can see their majesty’s stepping up to provide the sources he will need. Harry was treated well, and he never wanted to be King. That’s where the crazy comes in from his wife Meghan and her Sussex goons gone wild. Meghan does communicate with these girls; I know it for a fact. The latest is she told them that she got a lead part in a movie. However, she was turned down for the role for not having a SAG card. That’s a huge no, no in Hollywood. Back to make making speeches, which I am surprised that it ran on the Royal Family Channel??? I’m wondering if they didn’t get her the gig, to begin with, hmm.

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