White people are getting killed too

What Trump said is true, more white people get killed by cops than blacks. I posted those results here and also replied that no one cares because they were probably doing the wrong thing.  Everyone is in agreement that the cop that killed George committed a murder. No reason to kill, loot and vandalize America.  George was also a career criminal with a drug habit. 

Someone tell me why its the president’s fault that morons do crimes? 

Thanks, anon 


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  1. Some of these I am listing are Democrats, but they do speak fairly about the black and white issues being pushed.
    Thomas Sowell, Glenn Loury, John McWhorter, Coleman Hughes, Carol Swain, Chloe Valdary, Katharine Birbalsingh, and Walter E. Williams.
    I have spent many hours listening to a number of discussions from these people along with a few others to get a balanced idea from the non PC crowd.
    They are quite an accomplished group of people. Academics and writers. Anyway, I do not subscribe to their belief systems, but I think they present a lot of food for thought.
    Also, they have many talks on youtube for all to listen to.

    Percentage wise blacks are killed at about two and a half times the rate of whites, but they are also two and a half times likely to live in poverty. John McWhorter even brings anti-racism as a religion to the discussion which is quite interesting and reminds me of Norman Finkelstein being slammed for calling the pushing of The Holocaust as an industry.

  2. I was talking about police shootings. Black on Black crime is disturbing and out of control. Trump admin is trying to create opportunity zones, punishment reforms. More Blacks were enjoying jobs that were unprecedented. If you want to bring those videos back here, I would be willing to listen, that’s the problem in this WOKE state. No one is allowed to have an opinion.

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