Meghan Markle faux charity

As promised, I will discuss Meghan Markle’s charity scandal.


When you are on social media and hear stars doing some charity work, it’s a scam. It’s free PR for the actor.  That’s a requirement of the show they are starring on to bring people to their Hollywood Project. Some are legit, but most aren’t.


Meghan Markle was just the same as I listed above. Like the Rwanda fashion shoot for Hello Magazine, where she alleges she helped put in latrines.  Suits required all-stars to do charity work. Meghan wasn’t doing squat in Toronto’s soup kitchens.  Meghan feels that if she lends her name, that’s good enough.


The foundations she wants is a way of stealing money for herself, she gives 5 %, and Meghan pockets the rests because she’s Meghan and feels she deserves to live like the Clooney’s. I’m not joking.


She also told Vanity Fair magazine that she was going to build a girl’s school in India, January 2017.


A fellow blogger and I set Meghan Markle up after hearing she supposedly went to Norway on this romantic getaway with Harry. Remember, she is supposed to be in India.


I called One World in Canada and asked about Meghan; they replied Meghan Who, never heard of her. And I was transferred to another who said the same, but then she said, isn’t that the girl dating a prince?


We laughed until we cried and posted our article about the girl’s school.


Meghan was stuck, she had to wait until Harry came back from his Norway man’s trip to the wilderness with Songe.  What was funny is Songe posted how you go to the toilet in the snow.  You have to dig out a ton of snow, making an igloo with no top. It was on his IG page. We thought it was a direct dig at Meghan.


If Meghan started her lie about girls’ school, then we would all know she was lying about Norway. I might add that seeing the northern lights was with Cressida, not Meghan. We all know that Megatron doesn’t have an original bone in her body.


One World didn’t have anything for Meghan, but somehow she managed to find women in India talking about Menstrual Pads?? What?  She wrote this word salad essay about it. It turned out they were women talking about microloans. What a moron!


On this alleged trip, she brought along paps that were listed on the Dean street set up from NJ?? The rest of the paps were pissed they had to share credit with them and had never heard of them before.  The NJ paps were supposed to be the ones producing her footage from India, but it never came. They did a couple of more pics, and they folded up shop and disappeared, poof, gone. What I did learn they were some kind of PR for product testing.


Meghan did a class charity for skid row; it wasn’t her mom, it was a school project. Also, the letter to the soap company was a school project.


Meghan’s mother, Doria, was detained, so to speak for fraud during Meghan’s most impressional years. All I was told by NYC real royal, Doria, worked in a travel agency and went to prison for fraud.  I don’t know any other details than that, but it did bring Meghan to lie about her mother. She told students that her mother wasn’t around because she was a supermodel. Now you know why she was pissed about the laundry. It made her look common.


I had a  former classmate source in LA that told me that she used to develop migraines to get out of school, going as far as to be wheelchaired out of class.  Our little superstar!


Meghan gave Harry her best lie about being charitable and wanting to change the World. God, he’s dim, he fell for it hook, line and sinker.


Meghan Markle is full of shit! Her dad, Thomas, spoilt that girl rotten and looked at the thanks he gets. I don’t care what he did; she left him out to dry after the palace suggested to help him.  Meghan was embarrassed by her dad’s appearance, just as she is ashamed of her mother doing laundry.


Harry only went to Canada once, and it has to be reported in the newspaper because of the extra money spent on security.  It was still Corey’s house, and he was paying the rent until December 2016.


You need help, Meghan!

4 Comments on “Meghan Markle faux charity”

  1. Markle is a fraud on so many levels. And worse, she is completely delusional, mean and vicious. She really thought that the DM would be eager to settle on her dubious, non-sensical lawsuit. For part 1 of the lawsuit, she now has to pay the DM legal costs. She is truly as vapid and stupid…but she thinks she is the smartest person on earth.

    Just the fact that she didnt realize that the Scobie book showcased Markle’s greed, manipulations and controlling personality. The book damaged Markle’s reputation….not the RF.

    But Her arrogance and entitlement are out of bounds and out of control. I don’t think anyone can reason with her.

    Isn’t the public entitled to know if Doria was in prison? The media makes her out to be some sort of a saint.

    The RF needs to take away their titles immediately. Hapless Harry and Monster Meg can never, ever be trusted around the RF again. How can they ever be trusted? Monster Meg will always be plotting, conniving and manipulating.

  2. Nice Prince but Dim Harry and his lying wife are buds with Obama. Harry and Meghan are using Bill and Hillary Clinton people to set up a charity which will probably work like the Clinton Foundation…..a source of income without hard work and hardly anything going to charity. A scam operation.

    I read that Thomas Markle made a high 6 figure income when he married Doria and even up to when Meghan graduated from high school. Doria used Meghan as a bludgeon to keep the money coming in from Thomas in exchange for Thomas having visitation rights. Thomas bought a travel agency for Doria, let her have complete control and keep all profits…..yet his name remained as the sole owner. Doria became tired of dealing with Thomas so she quit paying taxes on the agency. When the feds came she blamed Thomas but that backfired. She spent 5 years in prison for an 11 year sentence. Evidently Thomas was so bespotted and in love with Doria that Doria could do no wrong and he was the same with Meghan. Because of this Doria could manipulate Thomas easily, and she had no qualms with manipulating and lying to get what she wanted with anyone. Meghan learned well.

    Doria’s maternal grandmother was raped by a brother which produced Doria’s mother. A lot of families are messed up and not good and Doria’s families – both mother’s and father’s families – are no exception.

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