Meghan and Harry to subpoena records of paparazzi they claim took illegal ‘drone’ pictures of their son at California home

  • A lawsuit filed by Harry and Meghan in Los Angeles last week alleges ‘serial intrusions’ into 14-month-old Archie’s privacy 
  • They have accused photographers of putting misleading captions on pictures of Archie in the back garden in order to suggest they were taken in a public place
  • On Friday an LA judge  granted their application to serve subpoenas on three LA photo agencies that could be handling the pictures at issue 
  • The photos were allegedly taken by a drone flying above Hollywood producer Tyler Perry’s $18 million Beverly Hills mansion where Prince Harry and Meghan have been living since March
  • The lawsuit claims that drones and helicopters entered the privacy of the airspace above the couple’s LA residence 
  • It also aims to ‘uncover and stop those who seek to profit from these illegal actions,’ the complaint says 
  • Lawyers will now ‘immediately serve’ subpoenas for the business records  photo agencies that broker celebrity photos

LAME Lawsuit! JD

2 Comments on “Meghan and Harry to subpoena records of paparazzi they claim took illegal ‘drone’ pictures of their son at California home”

  1. If photo agencies were smart, they should put an embargo on any and all photos of,the Harkles for at least ONE year. Enough! No more photos of,these two money chasing, sue-happy grifters. Cut them loose from any publicity, which they crave on a daily basis. Like vampires need blood, the Harkles thrive on chaos and any bit of,publicity they can push daily through Their highly paid PR firm. Cut off their supply, and let the dangerous Harkle dolts fade away into oblivion.

  2. How about suing the private security, TP’s security, the gated community’s security, and the govt. that owns the public trails in the mountains around the house for letting people get so close that they could cut holes in the fence that didn’t cover all that much put up to shield them from people seeing the Sussex pair and Archie? Good grief.

    She is being a stereotypical American who loves suing everyone for everything. She really is fitting in with the group out there that is offended by everyone and everything. They seek to destroy all that offends them.

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