Nice Prince but Dim Harry and his lying wife are buds with Obama. Harry and Meghan are using Bill and Hillary Clinton people to set up a charity which will probably work like the Clinton Foundation…..a source of income without hard work and hardly anything going to charity. A scam operation.

I read that Thomas Markle made a high 6 figure income when he married Doria and even up to when Meghan graduated from high school.


Doria used Meghan as a bludgeon to keep the money coming in from Thomas in exchange for Thomas having visitation rights.


Thomas bought a travel agency for Doria, let her have complete control, and keep all profits…..yet his name remained as the sole owner. Doria became tired of dealing with Thomas so she quit paying taxes on the agency.


When the feds came she blamed Thomas but that backfired. She spent 5 years in prison for an 11-year sentence. Evidently Thomas was so besotted and in love with Doria that Doria could do no wrong and he was the same with Meghan. Because of this Doria could manipulate Thomas easily, and she had no qualms with manipulating and lying to get what she wanted with anyone. Meghan learned well.


Doria’s maternal grandmother was raped by a brother which produced Doria’s mother. A lot of families are messed up and not good and Doria’s families – both mother’s and father’s families – are no exception.


I like to know where that came from but this is downright dripping juice!  Yep, Sunshine Sachs reps the Clinton Foundation.