Anon submits We should Call Them the Sucks!

Maybe we should just call them The “Sucks.” That is what they do…suck the life out, of everything they touch. They have caused so much damage already, and they aren’t finished.


And I once thought that Horny Harry would eventually see the mistake he made in marrying the conniving, manipulative liar, Monster Meg.


But Monster is so domineering and Horny Harry completely sublimates himself to her…I don’t think Hapkess will ever have the courage to divorce the aging Shrew.

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I watched the video yesterday of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. The Duke was definitely not, happy, but probably too proud to ever admit that he made the colossal mistake of, the century by marrying Wallis and abdicating his throne.


I also read that Wallis didn’t really love him, that she was domineering and the Duke of Windsor seemed incapable of functioning without her. Monster Meg is Wallis # 2 and Horny Harry is just like the Duke of Windsor…constantly dominated, controlled, and at this point, Harry just does not have the will to change it.


Harry gave up everything for her…and she still isn’t happy. He will ever be able to please her…Markle is truly a man-eating Monster.


However, the RF is allowing this merde show to continue. They seem to support whatever the duo does…no matter how much it hurts the RF. Monster Meg has everything she wants and all the attention she craves.


The only hope for Harry to come to his senses, (as much as he can, given he isn’t too bright) is for their titles to be removed. I don’t know why the RF tolerates this daily destruction…and PAYS the Harkles to do it.


Until that happens, The Sucks will be in the news daily, feeding bits of nonsense to the tabloids to Keep Monster Meg on the front pages. And the RF is providing them the money to continue being disrespected and destroyed by a third rate actress, a mean-tempered land yachter, and a conniving, cold/hearted snake.

Wake up RF….remove their titles!

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