The Narcissistic X Royals Are Desperate For PR

The Fake Lawsuit

Did you read that lawsuit? It reads like a resume for The Sucks and they are suing invisible people. Not the rag that printed it. HUH!

They only pull Doria out when they need people to stop the criticisms because she is black.  I got to tell you we are immune to that crap now! It doesn’t matter what your skin color is we just want the truth.


Just like Jamaica photoshopped pics that were sold to Italy, this is just as bad. Of course, I’m going to blame the gruesome twosome. They scream perpetual victims of we want privacy and manipulate pics.  They are the most corrupt Royals I’ve ever seen.


Now, they are screaming for BLM, and living off of taxpayers’ money makes me laugh my head off.  Even Tyler Perry said we need more Cops.


The Sucks are a joke and can’t be taken seriously. We have other royals working hard and not bitching like teenagers, they get on with it and serve the people.  This is something the Sucks never got because their Narcissistic attitudes got in the way.


Most of us are witnessing this train wreck and we are sick and tired of your bullshit and wish you to divorce already.  It’s only going to get worse for the dynamic duo. The DM is going to drag this on for as long as they can and make millions off the dumbasses.


Remember the Crowne always wins!

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  1. I read they are suing Backgrid, Splash, and X17. And why not the publisher? Just like People and her letter.
    As Rachel Meghan Markle herself has said, “I’m such a fraud.”
    Even US media is putting out negative commentaries on this couple.
    Camilla Long published a call out in The Sunday Times.

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