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What a great idea…a vacation for your birthday ! So, who will be going…lets see…you, Harry, Archie and Doria? Or you, Harry, and Archie? Oh, just you and Harry. Or just you… in case Harry has some business with Travalyst, like writing an explanation as to what it does .


Now, where will you go? I have been reading about you all taking a road trip up to Oprah’s in Montecito to “get away from it all”. Did she invite all of you up? I wondered, because I had heard she is out of town on a month-long cruise on David Geffen’s yacht. Or, is that what you are really waiting to hear about…an invite from Geffen. His boat is presently cruising up the New England coast with a group of former Hollywood heavyweights, who were involved with Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein.


As all of the Epstein documents have been unsealed and some of their names have come up who visited Epstein’s island, everyone is worried.


Since Oprah has visited the island as well, they all have a great deal to talk about, as Oprah was close to both Harvey and Epstein. I do not know whether a child should be around those people. I know you did not say Archie was going to go up to join you if Geffen invites you, but “A” to has been stuck like all of us in the house for several months. I just assumed he would be joining you on vacation as a family, as I know how important that is to you. Family, that is.


I also can not believe you got another break… Geffen and his friends are not going to be cruising in the Med. So you do not have to worry at all about running into any of your old “yachting pals”. Lucky you! I just saw that as a “Yacht Girl” you could get about $30,000 for a weekend with some of these old guys.


No wonder on your financial forms for the Royals you had your lawyers prepare documents stating you were worth 5 million! I did not know how…but the yacht girl story told it all…way to go…talk about a second job! It was disgusting what you had to do to get it (letting them wee on you!) but I guess the good news about some of those old “yoga poses” you could do is what is wearing Harry out. Don’t worry, it will get old for him…it always does with the Harry’s of this world. Have faith, he, like you, only has two-three years in him.


If you do go with Geffen et al, you must do your “Vag scratch Twister Yoga Pose”. They will all love it, as they have probably not seen it for a couple of years. Well at least since you have been married. Listen, as Oprah’s house is empty, maybe Doria can stay there with some of her friends. It is not too far from Chino State Prison and I think they often let ‘WHITE COLLAR CRIME” inmates out on day trips. Some, who Doria may have known in the old days. I know she was only there 4-5 years, she may still have old friendships she wants to reconnect with.


That is what they say you should do during COVID…reconnect with old friends…Doria with hers …and you, Oprah and Harvey Weinstein can talk about the old days. Remember when you thought she would be doing your “coming out” interview (sad her show and magazine was canceled). Karma!


Then there is Harry. I do not know what he will do on vacation as no family to invite…no friends to mingle with…no one really to talk to. Maybe David will bring a couple of “Young Yacht Girls” that Harry can entertain himself with… really young ones who can do the new version of the 2020 Vag Yoga pose that you had once perfected…when you were young I mean.


Andrew, while family, may not be a good choice for this invite. Sounds like a great trip they are all taking, hope you get the nod. Let us know when the invite comes…we are all dying to hear. I know you think most of them think you are a pariah but don’t worry. It is Hollywood. It is filled with pariahs. You are one of their own…good, bad or indifferent…you are one of them…and all that means.


Thank You Anon!