I’ve been working hard behind the scenes to replacing lost tags, adding back categories. It’s been a never-ending battle here, they take them down, and I put them back up.


I did put a call into WordPress, and of course, they had no idea what I was talking about. You see, it’s not random at all, why pick on Tucker! Apparently, the hack doesn’t like Matt Gaetz and Jim Jordan they keep deleting their names. What are you so worried about?  We might win.


Qanon is being scrubbed!


Here is one for you, they left Carol Durand’s name while taking off Omid Scobie and Meghan Markle.  Suddenly MM doesn’t want my brand of PR? Did I hit too close to home?


Anything nice written about the Princess Royal is being censored, WHY?  Prince William’s name is being deleted as well, and the article is nice.


Why all of a sudden are they doing this to me?