We, the people, have the liberty to speak our minds whether we agree or not.  The best thing is when we can come together as adults and talk.  Communicating with one another can bring about great ideas and improve our lives.


What we should stand against is any oppression, such as Marxism being used daily with BLM and ANTIFA. These are domestic terrorists trying to rip down everything we believe in.  Burning books and trying to stifle people will never win the hearts and minds of the people.


People who immigrate to this country are looking for the values of liberty which they lacked in their homeland.  They certainly don’t want any socialism that they just ran from. We open our arms to the people who want to come here legally; they are the ones that were waiting in lines to get here.


Joe Biden wants to tear down the wall that has just been built, does that make any sense to you?  We need to stop the human trafficking that occurs at our border for the disgusting pedophiles and rapists.  We also need to stop the flow of drugs. How do you think we accomplish those things? A WALL


There isn’t a wrong opinion, so I like to hear your point of view.  The UK has the same problem, so chime right in.