We are all fighting tooth and nail every day don’t take absence as inaction.  Q and Q+ are fighting for you and your rights just as I do the same.


We are not backing down; we need your help more than ever. Don’t be a sheeple and stand for what is right! Our founding fathers may have been flawed, but they fought over which words belong in the constitution and sometimes fiercely.


When they wrote the first and 2nd amendments, the British had taken those rights away, just as they are doing now.  We must fight every day to keep those rights close to our hearts.


Did you know that some of our founding fathers were Quakers?  Society of friends that are still in operation today.  They were against all slavery, and if you owned one, you were kicked out. All men were created equal—even Indentured servants, in other words, white slavery. You are probably thinking that can’t be that bad, yes it was.  Owners reneged often, and there has always been racism and classism.


The race card gets taken out every two and four years. They use the black community as puppets.



The Dems promise Blacks the stars and the moon and never deliver on any promises. We have found corruption in our biggest cities, Baltimore has got to the worst for money laundering and embezzlement.


Ask yourself, why can’t kids in black cities know how to read and write?  One is their dad’s incarcerated, leaving the single moms with loads of pressures and then the drugs which put a burden on Grandmothers.  President Trump listened and created the opportunity zones and did prison reforms.  The democrats sent in BLM and ANTIFA and tore everything down. They burnt those corporate stores (opportunity zones) like Target and police stations.


Who can we thank for all of this chaos? BLM and George Soros ANTIFA movement. Because they want to win an election, they are willing to use people to do their dirty work. Our black community are human beings with feelings, and they understand the rule of law.  These white kids haven’t got a clue! I’ve watched interviews and talk about jaw drop! They think that blacks can’t even get an ID for goodness sake. That’s racists, the rest of us are laughing at you and can’t believe that you got into a university.